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Great class great instructor all around great course Had a good time during the coarse instructor is really knowledgeable and helpful I’ll recommend Motorcycle liscensing LLC to any one
Roberto Santos
Great experience!!! I have bike since I was 14 years old and still learned lot on this class. Everyone is very friendly and have lot knowledge. I’m really glad I took this training. Highly recommended.
Maria Singh
Had a great experience with this company. Bernie really takes the time to make sure each student understands what is expected of them. Paying attention to directions is key. Gabriel was very friendly and professional as well. I would recommend Motorcycle Licensing LLC to anyone!
Tyler Mufalli
The class provided by Motorcycle Licensing LLC was extremely hands-on and easy to learn. My instructor, Gabriel, broke down every exercise and was very accommodating to all of the different skill levels in the class. Learning to safely maneuver a motorcycle became second nature for me after taking this course and I had a lot of fun throughout. I highly recommend this course to anybody who has the slightest interest in motorcycles.
Carlos Hoan
Donna Pugh
This company along with instructor Bernie Weiss helped me gain the confidence from never being on a motorcycle to knowing the skills necessary to ensure my safety (and others). Bernie is by-the-book because he truly cares about keeping others safe while enjoying to ride. He was patient and took the time to coach me... often. His voice will be in my head for a long time while I ride. Gabriel also was quick to help with tips and making the bike comfortable for me to ride. Many thanks!!

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