Improve your riding skills with motorcycle safety training for Florida endorsements

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Why Our School?

Reasonably priced with multiple convenient training locations

We offer motorcycle training courses for all skill sets with multi-day immersion classes.

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Motorcycle Safety

We make motorcycling safer and more enjoyable with access to quality education and training for experienced and prospective motorcyclists.

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Who We Are

Motorcycle Licensing, LLC is a locally owned and operated training facility based in Southwest Florida.

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Meet The Instructors

Bernie  Weiss - Senior Instructor

Bernie Weiss

Senior Instructor

Chauncey  Solinger - Instructor

Chauncey Solinger



Excellent course. I’ve never ridden before and took the course because I bought a scooter. They had scooters available to train on and do your test. I learned so much. Mark is an excellent instructor and was very patient and explained things clearly. Highly recommend.