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Cape Coral is one of Lee counties largest population of motorcyclists.

The city is full of activities centered around riding. Cape Coral is one of busiest locations for motorcycle training in South West Florida. While riding with a group or to your favorite restaurant in Cape Coral, you are very likely to see other riders. Wave! Riders in general have always had a friendly association with one another on the road. Especially in motorcycle culture rich Cape Coral, I would say its one of the friendliest places in Florida to ride. Wether your riding a scooter, sportbike or a custom chopper; you share one thing, the love for being on two wheels.

Ft Myers is a great place to ride. With nearly perfect weather year round, why wouldn't you ride? With the beach and state parks a ride away it's no wonder why Ft. Myers is a hot spot for riding. There are a lot of hazards on the roads here, remember to double check intersections on our busy roads and to slow before curves to avoid misjudgment.

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Motorcycle Licensing, Inc covers Basic Rider Classes in Cape Coral, Ft. Myers, Punta Gorda, Lee, Charlotte, Collier!

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Estero High School

Lee Civic Center

North Fort Myers High School

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While riding always remember to slow before a curve. Most single vehicle crashes on motorcycles occur due to improper judgement of a curve. Slow before entering a curve, look through the curve, press into the direction of the curve and maintain or increase your speed back into the strait-away. This practice will help eliminate jumping your motorcycle into oncoming traffic or any other hazard that we as motorcyclists face on a day-to-day basis.

Licensing, Inc was established to meet the demands for the new era of affordable transportation. We are one of Lee County's contracted Motorcycle Training facilities and serve all areas of Ft. Myers, Cape Coral, North Ft. Myers, Lehigh Punta Gorda Naples and Alva With 3 convent locations to serve you we have an aggressive expansion effort to make our classes accessible to you.